My name is Fr. Vincent Travers O.P.

I am an Irish Dominican. I completed my studies in Rome, 1961-2. I was then assigned to our Priory in Lisbon, Portugal in September 1962, where I was responsible for religious education in two international schools, St. Julian's and St. Columban's, both non-denominational schools. After leaving Lisbon in 1970, I was transferred to the beautiful West Indian Island of Trinidad and Tobago. I was appointed Parish Priest of Toco-Matelot, located on the North Coast. The area was known locally as 'Behind God's Back'. It was in a Third World setting that I did my growing-up. The people became socially active and included me in their efforts to improve the quality of their lives. Their efforts made headline news far and wide. The Radharc people made a special programme on behalf of Irish Television documenting a rags to riches journey of a small village at the end of the road that dared to stand up for itself and fight the odds.

A simple phone call from my Provincial in Dublin, in June of 1976 with the message, "Vincent, we have a vacancy in Teheran and I am wondering if you would consider taking up a post there......" I arrived in Iran the following October. The Shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979 and was replaced by Islamic Fundamentalists under the leadership of Ahyatolla Komeinei. Inevitably, the Irish Dominicans were expelled from Iran.

I returned to Ireland after 17 years as Parish Priest of St. Mary's Parish, Tallaght, situated at the foot of the Dublin mountains. Tallaght was the fastest growing developing Parish in Western Europe, with a projected population of 40,000 people. The home I grew up in was a mere 9 miles away on Dublin's northside. I enjoyed my day off each week with a visit to my elderly parents. I served in Tallaght for six years.

From Tallaght I went to New York City and worked full time in a crisis centre for street kids under 21 in the Times Square area of the city. During my two-year sojourn I lived with the American Dominicans on Manhattans East Side.

I returned to Trinidad to Parish life in Petit Valley on the outskirts of Port of Spain from 1987-1989.

Afterwards, I took up a post as chaplain to Dublin's Mountjoy Prison back in Ireland. Out of the six years there, I served as head chaplain to the Irish prison system for a period of three years.

When I finished in Mountjoy, I was invited to go to Vancouver, Canada and be part of a team to establish an English speaking mission in that part of the Pacific NorthWest. I was appointed Pastor of St. Mary's Parish, East Vancouver, a Parish of 82 nationalities. I spent five years in Canada in a unique multicultural setting.

In September, 2000, I returned to Ireland once again and was appointed as Prior of the Dominican Community, Bridge Street, Waterford.

In September, 2002, I was appointed as Director of the Dominican Pastoral/Retreat Centre, Tallaght, Dublin-24. Ireland.

I have written four books:
Dancing With Life (1996) published by St. Martin Apostolate, 42 Parnell Square, Dublin-1 in March 1996.
In Tune With Life (1999) published in March 2000, 5251 Joyce Street, Vancouver, Canada, V5R 4G8.
In Step With God (2001)
On Song With God (2002)

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