Lisbon, Portugal with colleague Fr. Terrence

First Communion, Carcavelos, Portugal

First Communion, Corpo Santo, Lisbon, Portugal

Parishioners, Grande Riviere, Trinidad

Knockadoon Holiday Camp, Co. Cork. Ireland


Rectory, Toco, Trinidad

First Communion Group, Teheran, Iran

Church and Presbytery, Matelot, Trinidad

A young parishioner at St. Abraham's, Teheran, Iran

A Day with Guides on Camp, Lisbon, Portugal

Assumption, Parish Church, Toco, Trinidad

Parishioners, St. Abraham's, Teheran, Iran

Prison Chaplain, Mountjoy, Dublin

St. Mary's Parish Church, Vancouver, Canada

Hauling in Fishing nets, Tobago

Blessing Bus, St. Mary's School, Vancouver