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Sunday - March 25, 2001
Part 1 of 2 One of the great theologians of the 20th century, Karl Rahner, once said, that the time is fast approaching when we are either going to be mystics or we will be unbelievers. What does he mean ? When I was growing up in the 40s and 50s, faith and Christianity was, in many ways, carried by our culture. It was easier to go to mass than miss it. We came from families, communities, parishes and a society that helped carry and mediate the faith to us. It doesn・t do so anymore. Today a lot of young catholics are feeling isolated and lonely in terms of living out their faith. It seems as if few in their social group practice the faith they were born into and raised up in. They can no longer count on the significant people in their lives, spouse, fiancee, family, best friends for sympathy and support. Rahner says that private prayer today is going to be much more important than it was in the past. We will need to be men and women of prayer to fruitfully celebrate mass and receive the sacraments. This is an important insight. Rahner says this act of private faith isn・t something we do when we fall down on our knees before the cross and say, :I give my life to Jesus.; We may have moments like that and they may be rich and important, but for him, the real act of mysticism is to ponder in the biblical sense. This is the act that makes a believer. What does that mean? I・ll give you a one line definition: To ponder is to be able to carry tension and transform it. Of whom in the bible is the word pondering used? Mary! When Mary encountered things she could not rationally resolve, she held them inside her soul :pondering them", carrying the tension rather than trying to eliminate it. Jesus also pondered. The opposite of pondering in scripture is amazement. We read again and again, when Jesus did a miracle, the crowds were amazed. This is what happens at rock concerts, football games, musical shows. The energy goes right through our bodies and flows out. They start shouting and we all start shouting. They start clapping and jumping, so do we. They start jeering and calling names and we join in. It is the politically correct thing to do. Jesus would do a miracle and crowds were amazed and Jesus would say, don・t be amazed. Mary was the only one who got it right. To be continued. Website: Log on to our website. Beginning on Easter Sunday we will be putting out a weekly programme under the heading: Sunday Morning Ireland. We will invite our world wide website audience to join us in spirit at the 10.30am Mass here in Bridge Street. If you have family members, friends or neighbours who have access to the internet we ask you to advise them of this initiative. The website provides us with the unique opportunity of joining together in prayer and reflection in a way that transcends boundaries, time zones, oceans and continents. We must, in this day and age, seek every opportunity to carry the good news world wide. THOUGHT PROVOKING God is free: free to reveal himself or conceal himself, to intervene or not to intervene, to work within nature or outside it, to rule the world or even to be despised and rejected by the world, to display himself or limit himself. I cannot control such a God. Our human freedom derives from a God who cherishes freedom. There is a sure way to promote God・s absence. C.S. Lewis sets it out clearly: Avoid silence, avoid solitude, avoid any train of thought that leads off the beaten track. Concentrate on money, sex, status, health and (above all) on your grievances. Keep the radio and TV on. Live in a crowd. Use plenty of sedation. If you must read books, select them carefully. But you・re better off sticking to the papers. You・ll find the advertisements helpful, especially those with a sexy or a snobbish appeal. In a Charlie Brown cartoon, little Linus, looking very forlorn, asks Lucy, :Why are you always so anxious to criticize me?; Lucy, looking very self-righteous replies, :I just think I have a knack for seeing other people・s faults?; Linus is indignant. :What about your faults?; he asks. :I have a knack of overlooking them,; answers Lucy. "Choose! I have set before your life and death, the blessing and the curse; therefore choose life. Stay as you are and drop out; change, however painfully, and move towards life." ~ John V. Taylor NOTICE BOARD A Service of Reconciliation in preparation for the feast of Easter will take place on Thursday, 5th April, at 7:30pm. Visiting priests will be available for Confession. The choir will be in attendance. We ask you to take time out and make a special effort to join in this joyful service of reconciliation. 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