Dominican Fathers
Sunday - December 03, 2000
Come Home at Christmas
Find what you're missing (Part 1 of 4) Have you ever wondered what it must be like to go for a trip into space? Down below you would see the earth shining in the light of the sun. You could also look out into the dark, black space, filled with starts shining in their magnificence. Perhaps as you looked out into the blackness, you would be overcome with loneliness. That was the experience of one astronaut who said on his return: "Looking outward into the blackness of space, sprinkled with the glory of a universe of lights, I saw majesty - but no welcome. Below was a welcoming planet. There contained in the thin, moving, incredibly fragile shell of the biosphere is everything that is dear to you, all the human drama and comedy; that's where all good stuff is." It was only when he travelled into space that he discovered the meaning of home - "where the good stuff is. . ." I want to invite you, you who may have wandered away from the church, to come home at Christmas. I am using the word "at" rather than "for", to suggest the kind of continuity we seek. How many of you have experienced what the astronaut felt, something stirring in the depths of your heart where faith kept its hold? Perhaps your experience of home was not very. Perhaps your experience of the church was cold. Perhaps you found yourself at odds with a bishop or priest and hurtful things were said of done. But, perhaps the astronaut himself, was not unaware of the troubles and the comforts of his life on the earth. Yet, he knew it as home and could say: "that's where all good stuff is." He found no welcome in the blackness of space. THOUGHT PROVOKING I could quote a whole series of ancient texts, all saying more or less, that if in one country Mass was celebrated for 30 years and another there was preaching for 30 year without mass, people would be more Christian where there was more preaching. ~Cardinal I. Conegar O.P. Psychiatrist: What is your problem? Patient: I don't have a problem. It's my wife. She thinks she's a duck. "How long has this been going on?" "8 years!" "And why are you only doing something about it now?" "Because we needed the eggs." If you had only six months to live, what would you do? If you're not doing it now, why not? People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, But people will never forget how you made them feel. The old lady was saying goodbye to the priest who was leaving the parish. "I'm sorry to see you go," she said, "I never knew what sin was until you came here." WAITING FOR GOD 1st SUNDAY OF ADVENT Victor Frankl, in his best-known book Man's Search of Meaning, tells the story of how he survived the atrocities of the German concentration camp in Auschwitz. Frankl claims that one of the worst sufferings at the infamous camp was the waiting. Waiting for the war to end. Waiting for uncertain release date. Waiting for death to end the agony. "Waiting," in the words of Samuel Beckel, "for Godot." Frankl tells us that there were those who could wait and those who could not wait. For those who could not wait it was a destructive experience. They were the ones who lost their grip on reality and gave up the struggle. But, he says, for the men and women who learned to wait, it was a creative experience. "We accepted the waiting as an opportunity to find meaning and purpose in life in the most appalling circumstances imaginable." "But," he adds, "it required great discipline, great patience and great endurance to discover meaning and purpose in that hell-hole and that's what made the difference. The Manager of a movie theatre answered the phone. A woman asked him: "Have you, by any chance, found a diamond necklace? I feel sure I lost it last night in your theatre." "Not yet, Madam" said the manager, "but we'll look for it. Please hold the line while I make an inquiry." Returning a few minutes later, the manager said, "I have good news for you. The diamond necklace has been found." But there was no reply. "Hello, hello," said the manager, but the woman who had called about the lost diamond necklace had failed to wait. Her impatience was costly. Many of us are like that woman. We fail to wait on God and it is costly. Advent is a time of waiting on Christ. A waiting that is full of expecting God. A time of great expectation for those who know how to wait! NOTICE BOARD Service of Reconciliation in preparation for the Feast of Christmas will be held on Thursday, 21st December at 7:30pm. It will take the place of the usual evening Mass. It will be a celebration of God's love for us and our love for Him and each other. It will be an opportunity to make peace with the Christian family and those whom we call the people of God. Confessions will be heard. The choir will be in attendance. Families and family members who are free ought to make a special effort to join in this service of reconciliation. You cannot have celebration without preparation. COMING EVENTS CASTING THEIR SHADOWS Dominican Pilgrimage to Lourdes 17 - 22 May 2001. Hotel Paraclis. Fully inclusive Irl. óG419.00. Single room supplement Irl. óG16.00 per night. Further information from Fr. Frank Downes, O.P. Tel. 01 4048171. Please make all cheques payable to: Pilgrimage Abroad, Ltd., Bloom House, 15 Mountjoy Square, North, Dublin 1. Tel. 01 8553257. Lourdes Novena: St. Saviours 3rd - 11th February 2001. The opening session will be held at 7:30pm on Thursday 3rd and there will be two sessions each subsequent day at 10:30am and 7:30pm. On Sunday 4th February there will be Mass with the anointing of the sick. The Preacher will be Fr. Terence McLoughlin, O.P. DOMINICAN BUREAU Full selection of Cribs, Christmas candles and 2001 calendars now on sale.

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