Dominican Fathers
Sunday - January 21, 2001
Same but Different
The church first began to take shape during a Jesus walk - about along the Carpharnaum waterfront. A bunch of fishermen were cleaning up after a nights fishing getting ready to go home for a well earned rest. Amongst them were two sets os brothers, Peter and Andrew, James and John. Jesus had them in his sights for some time. This was not their first meeting. Previously, John the Baptist had introduced them to Jesus and they had spent time with him. No doubt, there had been other meetings. They had been given the time and opportunity to consider becoming disciples and to discuss the matter with their families. Jesus decided this was the time to test the waters and invited them to change their names, addresses and employment and be part of his mission to change the world. They jumped at the opportunity and future events would prove they were the right stuff. In the early days there were no buildings, no priests, bishops, popes or institutions of moral codes. It was an informal gathering of flawed individuals. They came from different backgrounds and temperaments. They had different understandings and expectations of what Jesus was about. Jealousy and ambition was at the root of their differences. By no stretch of the imagination were they a mutually congenial and compatible group of people. But in the end, after more ups than downs, they became, under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, all that Jesus called them to be. Times have changed since then but human nature is still the same. People we rub shoulders with in church are not necessarily people we would choose to be our friends. Indeed, many of the people who come to church do not experience the camaraderie they seek. Their disappointment does not mean that there is something necessarily wrong with the church. Often it means that their expectations are unreal. To be members of the church of Jesus is to stand shoulder - to - shoulder and hand - in - hand with people who are different from ourselves and together we hear a common word, recite a common creed, share a common bread, offer mutual forgiveness in a formal setting where Jesus is present and at work forming us into his kind of people. Church is not about like - minded persons coming together for mutual support and comfort. It is about millions and millions of people, rising above their differences, and uniting, to become a community of believers committed to living the gospel of Jesus, with sweat, blood and tears in the nooks and crannies of their daily lives. My outstanding memory of church is my old parish of St. Mary・s, Vancouver, a parish of 82 nationalities, celebrating unity in diversity on a Sunday morning for an hour or so and then leaving for life outside the four walls of the church committed to witnessing to that unity and diversity in a multi - cultural society. MISSION STATEMENT The bulletin is, first and foremost, addressed to our sisters and brothers who are out of touch with the church or have left it. If you are such a person, you are much missed. You may have given up on us but we will never give up on you. We need you not for what we can give you but for what you can give us. THOUGHT PROVOKING You can only ask the questions that your milieu allows you. In many organisations, cliques and social groups there are questions you cannot ask or opinions you cannot express. Not that there・s a law or policy against it, but if you really raised certain issues, it would be frowned upon. You might have to leave the company or the peer group might belittle you. Without the Churches, we have more private fantasy, than real faith. The unconfronted life is not worth living. F. Schleirmacher. Cathy, a first grader was having trouble adjusting to school. The school counsellor called her into the office for a chat. :Cathy, he said, I want to be your friend. I will never tell your Mom or Dad anything we talk about, if you don・t want me to . You can always trust me.; With tearful eyes she looked up and replied: :Oh, Mrs. Murphy, you・re just like my dog.; NOTICE BOARD Music in the Liturgy at St. John・s College, John・s Hill, Waterford on Wednesday, 24th January directed by Liam Lawton. This training session will concentrate on music appropriate for Sundays of the year. Fee: G5.00. If you are interested in becoming part of the music ministry at St. Saviour・s and interested in attending this workshop and wish to be sponsored please let us know. Call Kathleen or Fr. Vincent Travers at 875061. Website We hope to have the Bulletin on the website in the near future. Stay tuned! Lourdes Novena St. Saviour・s 3rd - 11th February 2001. The opening session will be at 7.30pm on Saturday 3rd and there will be two sessions each subsequent day at 10.30am and 7.30pm. On Sunday 4th February there will be Mass and anointing of the sick. The Preacher will be : Fr. Terence McLoughlin, O.P.

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