Dominican Fathers
Sunday - February 18, 2001
Only Sinners Welcome
Let・s admit it: often the church is shabby and uninspiring. The mass may be badly celebrated, the reading of a poor standard, the singing may leave much to be desired, the homily boring, babies crying, some come late and leave early, and the people around us may not be our kind of people. True, sometimes, the church is unattractive, cold, irrelevant; in a word, it・s shabby. Yet, wonderful to say, it is amid the shabbiness that we meet God. God seems to like shabby surroundings. When God came to us in human form, He chose to be born, not in the glamour or sophistication of Rome, Alexandria or Athens, but in a remote backward village on the fringe of the civilized world in makeshift surroundings. If born today, Mary would in all probability shelter her baby, not in a stable but in a shack, a shanty town or refugee camp. Behind the shabbiness of the stable, shanty town or refugee camp we have the Divine. We have God himself. People who are embarrassed by the shabbiness in the church, and seeking a pure spotless, sinless church, are starry-eyed romantics, acting as if they are already in heaven, when in fact they are still on earth. A pure church, a perfect church would be wonderful. Is there any guarantee that it would have room for people as shabby as ourselves? God came to us when we were sinners. :I have come, not to call the just but sinners.; Those with eyes to see and humble enough to accept God・s ways instead of insisting on their own, those willing to respond to His gracious kindly invitation instead of pursuing their own romantic dreams - belong at Sunday Mass. We claim our place around His table without and illusions of grandeur. We may be God・s weak and shabby people. But, we are His people. We are a pilgrim people, humble yet comforted in the knowledge that we are inching our way toward the heavenly city, our true and eternal home. We are not exaggerating when we say that only sinners come to St. Saviours; hence our greeting to those who join us on a Sunday morning: Welcome to St. Saviours. We welcome you regardless of your situation in life; whether you are married or single, divorced or re-married, gay or lesbian, sharing a home without marriage; whether you are an immigrant or newcomer; whether you are a refugee or a visitor; whether you are healthy or sick or handicapped; young or old; whether you are struggling in your faith or join in your faith commitment. We welcome you with an open door and an open heart. The banquet is open to all who are willing to sit down with all. THOUGHT PROVOKING You are what you are in the sight of God, nothing more and nothing less. All the rest is only humbug. Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting a bull not to charge because you are vegetarian.~ Harold Kusher. When it was time to name their first-born son, a husband and wife began to quarrel. She wanted to name the baby after her father; he wanted to name the baby after his. They finally asked their priest friend to settle the dispute. :What was your father・s name?; he asked the husband. :Peter.; :What was your father・s name?; he asked the wife. :Peter.; :And what・s the problem?; :You see, Father,; said the woman, :My father was a scholar and his father a horse thief. How can I allow my son to be named after a man like that?; The priest gave this very serious thought for the problem was a delicate one. He did not want one party to feel it had won and the other had lost. So he finally said: :Call the boy Peter! Then wait and see if he becomes a scholar or a horse thief, and then you will know who he was called after!; NOTICE BOARD There will be no 8am weekday mass for the next week during Fr. Vincent・s absence. The 8am will resume again on Ash Wednesday. Scripture: St. Saviour・s Bridge Street. Fr. Maurice Fearon O.P. , a scripture scholar has accepted an invitation to give a three day workshop, March 5,6,& 7th on the Bible at 7.30pm. Pilgrimage to St. Dominic・s Country. 16th to 22nd April 2001. Cost G500. Cost includes, flight, all coach transfers in Spain, full board accommodation in single en-suite bedrooms and travel insurance. Deadline for applications: 15th March. Further information: Sr. Pilar del Barrio OP 1 Veritas House, Bayview, Wicklow. Spring Courses in St. John・s College: Baptismal Preparation Teams. Wednesdays: 28th February & 7th March at 8pm. Fee: G10 or G5 per night. Phone 874199 for further details. Philosophy: Wednesdays: 21st & 28th February and 7th March at 8pm. Dominican Shop Full selection of Confirmation and Communion items now in stock.

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