Dominican Fathers
Sunday - February 11, 2001
Good News / Bad News
The opening statement in Mark・s Gospel is that Jesus is good news but he never outlined or explained how he is good news. From the moment Mark put down his pen ordinary people, saints and scholars, have wrestled with the questions of how Jesus is good news to them. The flip side of good news is bad news. A teenager comes home and tells his father that he has good news and bad news. :Dad, I borrowed your car. The air-bags inflate...... But the car is already in the repair garage.; Often the good news is overshadowed by bad news. Often, it is only in hearing the bad news that we appreciate the good news that comes with it. :Don・t mind the car, son, your safe, that's what matters to me.; Jesus inviting us to be his followers is good news. But it・s an invitation not just to a new relationship with him but to a relationship with his followers and, more than that, it・s an invitation to become a member of a new family, a new community, which we call his Church. Today, when people feel little or no need for Church but see it as an oppressive and unenlightened institution, this call to Church is the bad news that spoils the good news. The Church, God・s family on earth and our human family have much in common. Both families are profoundly and distressingly human. When things happen that we do not like, I don・t want to be spokesperson for this human Church or our human family. Even so I also realize that if I am not willing to speak for the Church or for my family, should the need arise, I am also going to have serious problems with the Jesus who speaks to us in the pages of the gospels. We are the people who believe that God had the incredible creativity to become truly, utterly and genuinely human. He came to be the way of uniting the human family with the divine. Maybe he has done it, not in the way we would, had we been in his position. Maybe, with one wave of the hand we would have swept everybody into that wonderful place called heaven and that, of course, would have solved a lot of problems. God・s ways are not our ways. He came into the world as one of us and bit the dust on our behalf. This has been the central doctrine of the Christian faith for 2000 years and it is the doctrine with which we have had most difficulty, namely the doctrine of the Incarnation - God in flesh. What follows from this doctrine is that the Church is genuinely human. What does that mean? Is it God・s people? Yes. Is the Holy Spirit there? Yes. Can it screw up? Yes. Can the Bride of Christ, to use the biblical term, also be the whore of Babylon? Yes. Is it still the place where I can find God? Yes. Is grace overwhelmingly found in the brokenness of life? Yes. God has shown his hand and reveals himself in the human place. Catholics above all else believe in the Church of the gathering. :Where two or three are gathering together I am present in your midst.; That is why God is in his Church and why our homes (it may not appear so) are churches too. This is not neat and tidy. It demands that we wrestle and struggle with all the conflicts of our human community believing that God is at work and there is nothing we can do about it. Life is not a problem to be solved; it is a mystery to be lived. Religion, alas, without mystery ceases to be religion. THOUGHT PROVOKING There is a post World War 2 story about a statue of Jesus in the shell of a bombed-out German Church. The figure of Jesus was portrayed in this statue as reaching out to the world. However, in the devastation of the bombing, the hands of the statue were broken off. For a long time afterwards, the statue without hands stood as it was found. However, a sign was hung from the outstretched arms: :He has no hands but yours!; In a very real sense, this is true. We, the Church, the members of his Body, are his only hands, his mouth, his only mind and heart. We are, indeed, the extension of Jesus in space and time. We will continue his work in our time and place, or it will not be done at all. The Kingdom of God marches at the pace and rhythm of our feet. I pass through this world but once; any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.~ S. Grellet. Don・t mess up a good apology with an excuse. Why are we so hung up on what is insignificant? NOTICE BOARD There will be no 8am weekday masses for the next two weeks during Fr. Vincent・s absence. The 8am will resume again on Ash Wednesday. The 7.30pm mass will discontinue as from Monday 12th February. Scripture: St. Saviour・s Bridge Street. Fr. Maurice Fearon, O.P. , a scripture scholar has accepted an invitation to give a three day workshop, March 5,6,& 7th on the Bible at 7.30pm. Welcome to Fr. Ray Collins OP, Black Abbey, Kilkenny who will be ministering in St. Saviour・s for the next two weeks. Pilgrimage to St. Dominic・s Country. 16th to 22nd April 2001. Cost G500. Cost includes, flight, all coach transfers in Spain, full board accommodation in single en-suite bedrooms and travel insurance. Deadline for applications: 15th March. For further information, contact: Sr. Pilar del Barrio OP 1 Veritas House, Bayview, Wicklow. Dominican Shop Full selection of Confirmation and Communion items now in stock.

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