Dominican Fathers
Sunday - June 03, 2001
Examination Blues
The season of nail-biting anxiety, the season of exhausted but sleepless nights, the season of urgent last minute preparations - yes, exam time is here again. THAT TIME OF THE YEAR It comes around each year like a recurring nightmare, reaches a peak and then subsides for the summer months, until the results are due. One could wish it might be otherwise, that our whole education system would not be turned into a selection mechanism of jobs and careers, determined by a make or break set of exams. Still, knocking the system will not make it go away. This is the reality which young people and their parents have to learn to cope with. How can we help? A BLESSED STRESS Well, this is what one psychologist had to say. Most people are afraid that in the stress of the exam they will forget all they learned and make a mess of it. In fact, this stress can heighten our ability to recall and use the knowledge we have stored away, providing we learned it properly in the first place. The things we are most likely to forget are those we have crammed in at the last moment, only half-digested and half- understood. A COOL HEAD The surprising thing is how much people recall in exams, rather than how much they forget. The real trouble for many is not that they don・t remember enough, but that they remember too much. As a result, they have trouble organizing it and getting it down on paper in the pressure of the examination period. Therefore, the trick is to pick out and learn the main points instead of trying to cram in everything. The important points will then come back when you need them and an examiner will see that you have grasped the essentials. He or she will be more impressed with that, than with a paper crammed with jumbled and irrelevant details. This is an anxious time for parents, too. Try to appear calm and reassuring. Above all, let your children see that their success as a happy integrated human being is far more important to you than any success in examinations.

Though Provoking

The purpose of faith is to comfort the challenged and to challenge the comfortable. The first shall be last and the last first; You find life is losing it; God・s kingdom has come but not fully; the one who serves is the greatest. Any faith that does not account for complexities and paradoxes, such as these, cannot last. Henry v111 to second wife: Sweetheart, I won・t detain you any longer. People who themselves don・t listen are ultimately not listened to. When her late husband・s will was read, a widow learned he had left the bulk of his fortune to another woman. Enraged she rushed to change the inscription on her spouse・s gravestone: :Sorry lady,; said the stone cutter, :I inscribed, .Rest in Peace・ on your order. I can・t change it now.; :Very well,; the widow replied grimly, :Just add, .until we meet again・.; If you break a leg, miss a train, go bankrupt, they say, it could be worse. Instead of a leg you might have broken your neck, instead of a train, you might have missed heaven, instead of going bankrupt, you might have lost your peace of mind, and going bankrupt is no reason at all for that. What happens is never the worst; on the contrary what・s worse never happens. H. Boll.

Notice Board

Result of Vote: A. 42% voted for Mass at 11am. 33.20% voted for Mass at 12noon. 24.80% voted for Mass at 10.30am. B. The new Mass schedule will begin on the feast of Corpus Christi (June 17th). The Masses will then be: 7am 11am & 7pm C. A special word of thanks to all who participated in the decision taking process. Sunday Morning Ireland: Log in to this religious programme going out to the world website audience from St. Saviour・s, Bridge Street, Waterford, every Sunday morning. Sunday Morning Ireland is an attempt on my part to reach out to and continue ministering to the people who have touched and enriched my life at different times and in different places. It is, also, an attempt to reach those who haven・t left the Church but have stopped going to mass. Please pass the website address to anyone who might be interested. E-Mail: Note our e-mail address. If you have any comments, criticisms, insights or suggestions, we would be pleased to hear from you. We are grateful and encouraged by the responses we have received.

Church Schedule

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