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Date : Saturday - December 15, 2001
Name : Fred Regan
Email :
Country : Canada
Comments : Hi Father Vincent, It was so nice to have you back at St. Marys even tho it was short. I was happy that I could make your 11:00 AM mass in Surrey your last Sunday here and get yet another copy of your book. My Aunt Josephine can't stop talking about it since I sent her a copy. I hope you were able to sell the rest in Langley that evening. Like I said to you, you should try a reprint and I am sure they would sell, even tho you would not be here all the time. I find the thoughts in it very helpful to reflect on. Do keep writing. I was in publishing for a time before I went back to teaching and I know it is a tme consuming task. God Bless You and thanks for making the trip to Vancouver. I am looking forward to edition II next year. May you and your family have a Happy and Holy Christmas. All the best, Fred Regan Burnaby, BC

Date : Tuesday - November 13, 2001
Name : Adrienne Castellon
Email :
Country : Langley, B.C. Canada
Comments : I really enjoyed the homily you shared Sun. Nov. 11 at St. Joseph's in Langley. The anecdotes were hilarious as well as thought provoking. I will visit your website often. Thank you for your ministry.

Date : Saturday - November 10, 2001
Name : M. Finley Huang
Email :
Country : Richmond, BC, Canada
Comments : Hi, Father. Thanks for coming to St. Paul's Parish, Richmond. My colleague had told me that you were in town, and I said in reply that I should suggest to Fr. Peter Chiang to invite you to say mass at St. Paul. Well lo and behold, last Sunday you were there, and I didn't even say anything to Fr. Peter. Thank you for writing "In step with God". I hope you will write many more books about Jesus, so that lukewarm Catholics like me will continue to be touched, until one day we, too, can be too evangelist through our action. I still have a long way to finishing the book and I am savoring every page. God bless you and your loved ones. Finley Thank goodness that you have your website.

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