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Date : Wednesday - November 17, 2004
Name : Laura Banks
Email :
Country : ireland
Comments :

Date : Monday - October 25, 2004
Name : Ken Murphy
Email :
Country : Ireland
Comments : Hello Fr. Hoping you check this, would love to hear from you at some stage! Hope all is well for you. Your friend in Christ, Ken.

Date : Tuesday - September 07, 2004
Name : John
Email :
Country : Ireland
Comments : I would like to congradulate you on a wounderful website and your book ''In touch with God'', which I read. I firmly belive God was acting through you when you wrote this book(thats not of course to take anything from the hours you spent typing (I say with a smile)). The book is so pratical and down to earth and shows us this is the very place jesus is. Jesus is not only in some temple or church where we have to go every rather jesus is with us every secound of every day. The big message I got from the book was love! Is it not moving to think that God will love us the same no matter what we do? The book tells us of how jesus is always facing us, it is our own choice to turn and face jesus and embrace jesus. I often feel, it is all so simple and clear,(and it mite be) and yet while living life we come to see how hard it is-- Like the man in the bible who taught wanted to follow jesus he came up to jesus, full of intuisasm, then the lord told him to sell all he had and follow him! The man could not. Thats not to say we should sell our cars, businesses, rings, etc... no- there is noting sinful about owning something (I own a lovely pair of football boots and a lot of other stuff) what is wrong is to place these things above Jesus. The message I got from Fr Vincent (and please let me know if i am mistaken) is that our life show be one whith jesus at the center at all times again thats not to say we need to spend the day in the church rather we live our life with jesus, as jesus taught. Any how I have gone on long enough the above is what I got from your book Fr Vincent- It ment something to me and I am faithful 20 yrs from now your words will mean as much to me as they do know! + I think you are a bit of a movie fan (i could be wrong, it would'nt be a 1st and it surely wont be the last, but ) i think you mith enjoy the film ''Awakenings'' (Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, 1990). Thanks and bye, John.

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